Parents of Buckeye Union High School District Students:

1st Time TouchBase Parent Users * :      
     Username :  Your ParentVUE username
     Password :   Click here to set or reset your password   (
this will set/change your TouchBase password and will not affect your ParentVUE password)


* You MUST have a ParentVUE account in order to use the online payments portal.  If you do not currently have a ParentVUE account and you wish to use the online payment portal, please click on the link next to your school below for instructions on how obtain your ParentVUE activation key and instructions on how to setup your TouchBase Parent User login after you setup your ParentVUE account **.

                Buckeye Union High School District - CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO CREATE AN INTOUCH ACCOUNT   


** It may take up to 24 hours after creating your ParentVUE account before being able to log in. 



Returning Users:
     Username:  Your ParentVUE username    or    Your Guest Account username
     Password:  Password created during first visit

Guest Accounts:

Please DO NOT create a Guest Account if you have a student at Buckeye Union High School District (setup a TouchBase Parent User account by following the parent instructions at the top of this page)

If you DO NOT have a student at Buckeye Union High School District and would like to make an online purchase as a Guest, please Create a Guest Account